How To Become A Mason

Masonic membership is open to good men wishing to improve themselves and their communities through the fellowship and lessons of the fraternity.  To receive more information on becoming a Mason visit the Grand Lodge of Ohio’s information site on membership.

For more specific information on joining the New Carlisle Masonic Lodge, kindly send an information request to Jay Maxwell, Lodge Secretary.  Please include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

From Wikipedia:

“Contrary to common misconception, joining Freemasonry is not by invitation only. In fact, in many jurisdictions, the brothers of the lodge are not allowed to ask potential candidates to join (in these jurisdictions, the brethren must wait for the potential candidate to inquire.) Other jurisdictions allow for varying degrees of solicitation.

However the initial introduction is made, the official process of becoming a Mason begins when a candidate for Freemasonry formally petitions a lodge. The brethren will then investigate the candidate, to assure themselves of his good character, and hold a secret ballot election.”